The Little Theatre of Stoughton proudly presents Larry Blamire's Robin Hood!  This tale combines the conflicting legends and ballads about the outlaw folk hero and creates a hysterical, sprawling, action-packed drama. Besides retelling the legend, Blamire has created roles that challenge and reinvent the myth. This include a wise-cracking, superior swords person in Marian, and a Robin who only by chance finds himself a hero. But true to the legend, of course, all ends well: The Sheriff's sleazy scheme to wed and bed young Ellen fizzles, King John's vicious taxes are rescinded, the Sherwood Foresters are finally legitimized, and a justice descends on England's green and pleasant land. You don't want to miss this tale!

Director:  Jason Mutascio
Assistand Director:  Samir Bouchaiba

Robin Hood - Michael Mutascio
Marian Harper - Catherine Vu
Will Gamwell - Robert Jose
Friar Tuck - Matthew T. Kinney
Sheriff of Nottingham - Michael McGrath
Little John - Matthew McGrath
Bishop (of Hereford) - Marilyn Kenward
Alan A'Dale - Nathan Pacheco
King John - Kit Mauriello
Queen Eleanore - Anita Wood
Prioress of Kirklees - Christena Locke
Guy - Ryan Rutter
Ellen Deirwold - Isabelle Somers Crawford 
Much (Daughter of Much) - Kellie McGrath
Eadom - David Palmer 
Catherine - Kristen Kenward
Meg - Stella Cobb
Arthur - Abby McNeil
Hilton - Charli Carey 
Joseph Kenward - Sheriff's Squire

Children of the Forest:
Annalise Kenward
Leah Mackenzie
Mary Grace O'Flaherty

Guards of Nottingham:
Chris Rutter
Hannah Rue
Ryan Rutter
David Pamer

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